Sound bath


During the sound bath, you can enjoy harmonious and deeply relaxing vibrations and sounds in a group - or even alone, if you wish. Sound bowls, gongs and cymbals are played in room, not on the body at all.

Sound baths can be implemented at home, in the workplace, in schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, rehabilitation of special groups, tourist centers, leisure services, anywhere ... even in the heart of nature.

The ideal would be to find the most relaxed position possible for yourself, making it easier to experience a state of deep relaxation. Bath can be done on mattresses, bed, armchair, sofa, shed, pier, lying in the woods ...

The sound bath of the Peter Hess method uses 12 metal alloy treatment plates, as well as Gongs and cymbals, handcrafted in workshops in North India and Nepal, specially developed to produce overtones and strong vibration. Sounds can gently lead you on the borderline between sleep and wakefulness, causing your brain electrical curve to vibrate on alpha waves. The sound bath thus gently cares for your brain and touches your emotions, thoughts and body through the limbic system.

Deep relaxation is a condition that relieves stress and helps the mind and body cope better. It triggers tension states in the body, raises the level of alertness and allows the body to rest and recover. Relaxation has been found to lower blood pressure and have a beneficial effect on metabolism. Relaxation gives you the ability to learn new things and deal with changing situations. Regular deep relaxation has been found to have an effect on improving stress tolerance and physical endurance.

Here you can see video about sound bath: