Sound Bowl Massage


In a sound bowl massage, the client is wearing clothes, if necessary lying under a blanket. More commonly lying on a changing table, can also be done sitting comfortably in a chair (special groups). Plates made of 12 metal alloys of different sizes are placed on the body of the person being treated, and by playing them we make the plates vibrate and produce different sounds. Sound bowl massagers can also play Gong and cymbals to create various massage effects. There are also treatments that play just next to the body.

The human body is synchronized with both non-harmonic and harmonic sounds. It has been studied that during a sound massage performed on special therapeutic plates that produce harmonic sounds, the electroencephalogram decreases to the alpha level, the boundaries of sleep and wakefulness - a state of deep relaxation. Then our body secretes neurotransmitters that produce well-being, e.g. oxytocin, endorphin and serotonin.

About 70% of our body is water - there is water in every cell of yours. Sound creates vibrations that travel deeper throughout the body. The sound waves generated by the treatment plates give the massage to over 100 trillion cells! The sound bowl massage also reaches the areas of the human body that are not covered by the hands of the masseur. The gentle sound of the cups helps our body recover naturally to a healthier state.

During treatment, negative feelings for your health such as stress, nervousness, insecurity and anxiety will allow you to leave your body.

You can return to a state of physical and mental balance - harmony.