Hoitola Siply care


"The sound of the sound bowls and the vibration in the body gently bring us deep relaxation and lead us on a journey into harmony of body, mind and soul. The sound relaxes and relieves the tension states of the body and mind, freeing up our inner resources and strengthening our ability to heal "- Peter Hess -

The caring effect of sound and its vibration has a tradition of thousands of years in Eastern cultures.

The German Peter Hess (born 1941) studied the effect of sound on man on his travels in Tibet, In Nepal and northern India. After a long development work, he brought it to the West a model of sound bowls suitable for humans.

Peter Hess The sound massage method in its current form is not related to any religion or philosophy, but its holistic benefits are available to all people -
regardless of worldview or age.

The various elements of the sound method are used in many fields: e.g. in teaching and nursing, in coaching, well-being, individual guidance, relaxation of special groups and activation (children, the elderly, the mentally handicapped, etc.)

More information (in Finnish) www.medi-sound.fi